The duty to be happy

The central problem of Britain is that good deeds do not (seem to) pay. If you work hard, provide for your children and are faithful to your wife then you will become a target for predatory divorce lawyers who see you (a nice guy) as food for the billing department. You will lose the children that have been your motivation.
Thrift is also punished, as is responsible behaviour generally.
In fact the picture I paint is only half true. Socialism has ensured that work and honesty do not pay in financial terms but they cannot take away the spiritual benefits.
Spiritual benefits? Working people are happier, less helpless and basically more pleasant. They have this weird quality of being able to make a very small sum go a very long way and of carrying themselves with dignity.
All of my advice in this blog is aimed at making work pay. It is about making one pound do the work of five so that people on low incomes can afford to work. By doing this you may become an inspiration to others. You have a duty to be happy.


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