The Proposition

In sales they talk of 'the proposition' which is the deal that is offered to the customer. I would like to look at the proposition of feminism and that of the men's movement.
The feminist proposition.
A woman can become a member of the worldwide sisterhood simply by identifying with feminism. This is entirely bogus because anglosphere women have no idea how African villagers live or how they view the world. Nevertheless it is still possible for the anglosphere feminist to feel a connection with her because they are both 'oppressed'. This means that the privileged western feminist finds an extended family covering all of history and the entire surface of the earth.
The anglosphere feminist can enjoy a bogus sense of moral superiority because she is 'oppressed'. This is particularly useful if she lives a privileged life and produces nothing. She can simply borrow the victim hood of some woman elsewhere in the world.
Feminism has been the winning side for a very long time. This means that feminism = progress in the mind of the true believer. We saw the same formula used in the 1930's to justify Stalin. Anyone who opposed him was standing in the way of progress. The only way is forward!
Feminism plays to the very wost in human nature. It allows women to be casually cruel and bigoted in ways that mimic schoolgirl bullying exactly. It allows men to remain boys well into middle age because we do not have the responsibilities of fatherhood. It also allows the professional victim to be lazy and incompetent at work. If they are sacked it must be sexism!
Let us not forget the numbers on non-jobs feminism creates. What is a 'womens outreach empowerment facilitator?' Nobody is quite sure which means they can never be held to account.
Feminism offers self esteem to its female believers (and self hatred to its male believers). Women are held to be superior to men in every respect- and yet still oppressed by them for reasons that are never explained. How can the master race be dominated by inferiors? How could such a thing happen?
What does the men's movement offer?
The men's movement offers belonging of a sort- but not in a good way. Men are discriminated against at every level and yet there is a limit to how many times this can be said before it becomes depressing. Most men prefer to believe the feminist myth that men are powerful and have the world at their feet simply because it feels better to do so.
The men's movement offers moral superiority over manginas but this is rather a pyric victory while we are powerless to prevent them hurting us.
The men's movement can undo much of the damage of feminism and game also does a great deal of worthwhile work by connecting him to his inner core.
We can see that feminism offers by far the best consumer proposition despite being built upon falsehoods. Logic usually comes second to self interest and the desire to fit in. Only the High Alpha is immune to social pressure and there are very few of those.
The second half of this article will concern itself with improving the customer proposition of the men's movement.
1. Belonging.
The main problem with the movement is its negative nature. Nobody really wants to be one of the men on an MRA message board because the overwhelming impression is one of defeat. Men are generally unwilling to admit to defeat or sadness because these are not alpha qualities. The solution is to transform ourselves into examples of what we wish to be. In other words we should live the dream and become a shining beacon to all other men. Ideally men should approach us to ask what it is that we know and they do not.
2. Moral superiority.
All self improvement contains the seed of moral superiority. If you are in position B and wish to become A- and then you achieve this- then you will naturally feel superior to those still at B. This is not as bad as it sounds. I have no doubt that people who have given up smoking feel superior to those that cannot but this can be compassionate and justified. We must be compassionately superior to the chodes and the manginas because many of us were the worst chodes of all.
4. Winning.
Men have become divorced from their own history. Look around you. This world that you see was built by men. If we do not like it we may build it anew. We have been sold a story of defeat that was never ours. It is true that the men's movement cannot point to real world achievements but these will come. In the mean time simply take comfort that we exist and are laying the foundation for something great.
5. Freedom from responsibility.
The men's movement turns responsibility to liberation. On the one hand it can offer men responsibility as fathers but on the other hand it teaches us that we are not responsible for fixing women or dealing with their mood swings. Each person has their own emotions and is responsible for their own growth.
6. Self esteem.
There is no greater road to self esteem than to be loved. I suspect that the engine driving game is not sex (orgasm can be obtained quite easily after all) but self esteem and acceptance. The beauty of game is that it motivates the individual to improve on every level and provides a structure by which this may be done. Combine game with an awareness of feminist shaming and we have the potential to transform lives.
These six points can transform our customer offering. Right now we have an unappealing product but this will change.


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