Day three - Human Nature

We can only save money when we are working within our own natures.
As I look back upon my various attempts to improve myself I realise that each failure was a result of making resolutions based upon who I wished to be rather than who I was.
We must start where we are guys.
Personally, I would like to improve my body but love food and hate exercise. I know that if I set an exercise regime for myself I will fail within three days and this will set off a cycle of self hatred.
So.. I must make the changes gradually and rely upon my strengths. These include an attention to detail- so I will lose weight gradually via a hundred small actions.
I will start with my breakfast. This usually consists of jam or marmalade on toast. Jam is largely sugar and this gives a boost in the mornings but caused an energy crash later on. I also enjoy Marmite- so from now on I have this. For variety I will have porridge and muesli (both good for me and both can be cheap). I will enjoy this with some green or white tea- which has anti cancer properties and prevents fat storage as well as giving an energy boost.
I have already told you that I hate exercise- but I am a walker and love nothing more than exploring by foot. I also have a phone with GPS and so I will explore my local area.
I will also try to distract my sweet tooth with natural yogurt and locally grown fruit.


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