The Secret Engine of History

It is surprising how much conflict boils down to the nature of money.
Socialist economics basically boils down to the creation of 'soft' currency that is created by the state and spent on public works. In small quantities this results in moderate inflation but in larger quantities it results in central planning and eventually labour camps. This occurs because money loses its power to motivate people when it exceeds the supply of goods. Why should anyone sweat to produce anything when there is nothing to buy with the money they earn?
This, I believe is the secret engine of history. It is surprising how simple history becomes when one looks at it as a battle of currencies.
The British and US governments seem to appreciate this dimly. On occasion they will encourage the creation of complimentary currencies for job creation but on occasions they will send people to jail. The overwhelming impression is one of confusion and a bias towards the left. This may be because LETS and Time Dollars are believed to exist for the benefit of single mothers and unemployed people while gold based systems are often held by the very rich. In the UK we find that the state has even prosecuted itself.
We see a similar situation with the US where left leaning Time Dollar schemes are tolerated but the more Conservative Liberty Dollar is raided by police. The irony of this is that both governments mint bullion coins themselves- which form an alternative currency of sorts among the liberty community.
Chaos also reigns in the commercial sector. Credit cards and airlines create points from thin air and are not required to hold reserves in order to honor them (the very crime that the Isle of Wight was accused of). These points are sometimes even called currencies and yet do not exist in law.
I would like to suggest a novel solution. Let us have a multi currency future. Each currency scheme has its own advantages and there is no reason they cannot coexist.
Conservative folk will have their gold. This is inflation proof and may be a useful business tool.
Socialists will have their soft currency. They will come up with ways of generating currency from thin air and will believe that this creates wealth. Rather than argue about this we shall simply wait and see.
This solution has already been tried in the UK with the great Blair/Brown Euro fudge. Tony Blair was keen that the UK should adopt the Euro while Gordon Brown was not. Their solution was to make both currencies legal tender and see which the public preferred. The pound won overwhelmingly.


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