The value of sleep

We all know that we should sleep well but can we put a specific price on a good nights sleep? Can we sleep more productively? in other words, can we get more benefit from sleeping the same number of hours? I believe the answer to both questions is yes.
The value of a good nights sleep is about ten percent of whatever you are paid. This is because everything is done that much more quickly when one is not tired.
We now move on to the question of sleeping more productively. How valuable would it be to drop off to sleep more quickly at night? We will assume that your time is worth six pounds an hour after tax. This is low but it is an easy number to work with and translates as 10p per minute.
It would add five productive minutes to your day. This translates to about two and a half hours a month. What can you do with two and a half hours? You could take a course or read a book. You could keep up with old friends or you could find another job. You could get off the tube a stop earlier and walk to work for the exercise. The possibilities are endless.
It follows from this that a bed is a very good investment indeed. By choosing the right bed one may either improve ones performance at work or one find oneself with more time to play with. This is the result of dropping off to sleep just a few minutes earlier each night over a period of time.


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