To hunt or to graze?

There are two approaches to game. To hunt or to graze.
Most game is about hunting. This is where the man behaves like a shark, scouting the oceans until he sees his prey. This is your classic pick up artist scanning the nightclub for his HB9. He may make great play of indifference but he is absolutely focused upon the target.
I am sure this works.
Unfortunately it is too high a price for me to pay. In order to win this game it is necessary to create a 'game' persona which means that one cannot be oneself. Everything that one does is for effect. The Pick Up Artist believes he is doing this in order to get the woman into bed but I suspect the real reward is the game itself.
False personas are actually a dangerous addiction. They are like a line of coke in that they can open doors and let you do things you otherwise could not. The danger is that you forget who you truly are. Some of you may have read or seen 'American Psycho' it is actually about an extreme version of this malaise- a person who is all surface glitter and entirely empty inside.
False personas can usually only be maintained for short periods. This is one reason Pick Up Artists often hold relationships in contempt. All of this seems too much hard work for me. I need to be accepted and ultimately loved for myself. I cannot do this by being anyone other than myself or any success I have will be meaningless.
The reward for hunting is a great many notches on the bedpost. This is great for the ego of course but I wonder how good the sex really is. It probably feels good to know that one can do something that most men only dream of but there is always the risk of a smack in the face or even a rape charge.
Rape is never discussed in game circles but I think that it should be. A pick up artist is approaching women with unknown baggage. Most women do not wish to be thought of as sluts and yet a skilled PUA can weave a temporary spell that can free a woman of such fears. This is all very well until the following morning when the woman is left facing the fact that she has just done something contrary to her values. The more mature and balanced women will accept this but some women will prefer to believe their drink was spiked.
The alternative is to graze.
This is where a man makes no effort to hunt down his 'prey' but simply places himself where many women may be found. He has the pleasure of being himself and doing things that actually interest him rather than dressing and speaking for effect.
The grazer enjoys all his interactions with women whether they 'go anywhere' or not. He does not labour at being interesting or doing all the work of an interaction. He does not even bother with arrogant or bitchy women.
You could also call this 'old mans game' because it is less hormone driven than the alternative. Well... I am an old man.


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