Why we will win

This is not me..My blog has been a council of despair but today I found myself cheerful without cause and I remembered many things that give me hope.
FRAGMENT ONE. Speakers Corner. I was talking to a young woman about her father and how much she loved him. I noticed how still she was and how calm. Her feet seemed to be set directly into the earth as if she had grown out of it. She told me how much women needed a male presence in their lives and how much he had given her. She was somehow more 'sold' than other women and looked directly at me with a calm strength.
FRAGMENT TWO. Speakers Corner again- each time I mention a 'game' term such as Alpha or Beta a roar of recognition came up. A year ago I would have had to explain these terms but most young men know these things now. They do not buy the 'just be nicer' message.
FRAGMENT THREE. I am at a singles event. An attractive pharmaceutical executive is telling me she fears that she is frightening men off through her success. I tell her that she is feminine and not at all scary. I am in alpha mode and so I ask her 'when the time comes- will you find it hard to submit?' she pauses for just a moment and seems to experience some sort of spiritual orgasm (trembling with a suddenly husky voice). 'No, no, I will find it easy but I was thinking of the man'.
FRAGMENT FOUR. A woman is sitting across from me at a party. She is telling me of her desire for sex and seems to think men fear this (another feminist lie). I place the palm of my hand on her forehead and say 'cum'. Nothing happens so I order her more sharply 'cum!!'. She orgasms quite strongly in a crowded room.
FRAGMENT FIVE. I am sitting in another room at the same party. I find myself with a female scientist and two barristers. I decide to do some cold reading and tell them that they are powerful in real life but I was sure that all three had submissive fantasies. They laughed and hugged one another.
FRAGMENT SIX. I am at another party. I notice that I can feel the sexual energy of each woman and I tell them this. I go round the room touching each in turn and they beg to be next.
CONCLUSION. Women are starved of a subtle 'male energy'. This 'male energy' is a powerful drug and has the following effects.
1) It stabilises mood, improves rational thinking and builds inner confidence.
2) It improves concentration and learning in children (notice that children without fathers cannot sit still and are always bored).
3) The mere presence of an alpha man will build self esteem in adult women.
4) The presence of a strong man reduces the incidence of all personality disorders as well as anorexia and compulsive sexual acting out in adolescents.
5) An adult woman's mood will obey the command intention of a man. He may tell her to be happy, calm, rational or to have orgasms on his command. The more intelligent the woman the better this works.
6) A woman's physical appearance will even improve when she is desired by a strong man. Her eyes will shine and skin blemishes will simply disappear.
7) Simply looking into the eyes of a man who has male presence will make a woman's head spin and has an addictive, narcotic quality. She may appear drunk when she is not.
Very few men are giving off this calm male presence and this may be why women are drawn to macho thugs. A man has to realise that women will literally worship him if he has this quality. They will look at him with an astonished wonderment, a sense of awe. Unfortunately there is a catch 22 aspect to it all. A man cannot generate this energy unless he truly knows he has it within himself.
I have done this from time to time without truly realising what was going on. I will do it more.


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