Why men forget

Political leaders are generally men, business leaders are generally men and yet everywhere the voice of men is ignored. Why?
Is it that political leaders are some special breed? Or is it that somehow they forget what it is to be normal?
I believe that they forget. I know this because some days I am Alpha and some days Beta. When I am Alpha I cannot remember being any other way. This is not surprising. A large part of what makes an Alpha is the belief that women will treat him well. Most men can only do this by forgetting their own Beta pasts for how can we do this with our memory intact?
This is a problem for all men because political and business leaders are Alpha and have to forget the problems of Betas in order to be so. Alpha is the ultimate drug and the addict will do anything to remain so. If he remembers his Beta self at all it will be with a shudder of disgust and horror. This is why male politicians and male judges continue to shaft other men. They live in horror of Beta and dread returning to this state more than death itself.
From time to time we see a MGTOW blog disappear because it has been deleted by its owner. This happens because the writer has achieved Alpha status and cannot believe or understand what he has written. He reads about his own life in his own blog and cannot identify with it and so he deletes the blog as if it were written by a stranger.


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