43 DHVs

The DHV (demonstration of higher value) is a game concept which basically means bragging without bragging. The PUA sprinkles his conversation with stories that make him look good. This high value is inferred and not openly stated.
When this goes wrong it goes VERY wrong and makes one seem a braggart. This was one reason natural game evolved. This teaches men to have awesome lives for real. This is better but why not combine the two? Why not DHV the entire world- truthfully? Why not DHV your employer, your friends and yourself?
This is how I am using the 43 Things and 43 Places social network. Each of my entries are actually things I offer the world but appear to be a list of resolutions. In this way I can reach out to the world and find allies in all of my projects.
There is also a psychological aspect to all of this. Once I publicly announce that I am going to do this or that thing I have to do it or admit to you that I have not. This is very powerful.
Of course.. once you admit that a DHV is a DHV it stops working. I am simply pointing out to you that your social networking is actually an extension of your CV. Our previous posts can come back to bite us if we forget this.


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