Beyond Game

Game, in its short history has come a long way. There have always been men who wish to be good with women but 'Game' as such started with Ross Jefferies. He taught men that they should run 'pattens' on women and hypnotise them to bed. This is not quite as bad as it sounds- all NLP claims to be able to do is to change emotional responses. It cannot make one do anything against ones will.
Next came Mystery with his bag of social tricks. Mystery taught men to hold their head high in the company of other men and talked of the need for a man to have an attractive life. Nevertheless the Mystery Method is focused entirely upon short term manipulation. There is no recognition that self improvement is worthwhile for its own sake.
Next came RSD which ditches lines and tricks. RSD maintains it is more honest than the Mystery Method but it simply reverses the manipulation. RSD does not seek to directly manipulate the woman but manipulates the man into being a friendly extrovert. It is more authentic on one level because his conversation is real but runs the risk that the PUA may lose his true self.
Finally we have the natural game guys. This turns full circle and simply advises the man be his best self. Natural Game rejects all forms of inauthentic behaviour. This runs the risk of abolishing the entire subject.
More and more men are going beyond game and becoming the men women crave FOR REAL. Getting women is not even the focus any more- it is the natural result of personal growth.


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