Alpha and the gift of sanity

I believe that one reason women prefer Alpha men is that it brings out the best in them.
Show me a woman who is acting crazy and I will show you a woman surrounded by Beta men. The symptoms are very specific.
1) Chronically unhappy without a specific cause. Refuses all efforts to make her happy.
2) Demands that men around her are psychic and know why she is unhappy when she does not even know this herself.
3) Makes impossible and contradictory demands. In other words she will claim to want one thing while also claiming to want the exact opposite. This means that the Beta will be wrong whatever he does.
4) Believes her feeling to be more important than facts.
5) Tortures men around her by acting as if they have done her wrong but refusing to explain what his alleged crime is.
6) Acts as if men in her life 'cause' her bad feelings, low self esteem ext and should take full responsibility for her while taking no responsibility for her own actions.
This is a pretty nasty bunch of behaviours and until recently I thought they were all that was available from the fair sex. This was because until recently I was chronically Beta.
How Beta men encourage mental ill health in women.
The Beta guy is really sensitive and a great listener and thinks this is a virtue. Unfortunately it has the effect of destabilising any woman he is involved with. This is because women approach men when they are seeking an anchor in their lives. They swing back and forth like a metronome and need a rock to cling to in order to achieve balance. Unfortunately the Beta guy is so sensitive to the woman's mood that he begins to swing back and forth like a metronome himself and so she is cut adrift from all steadying influences. This results in wilder and wilder swings and increasingly destructive behaviour. It is like a shit test that can never be passed and that consumes everything it touches. The Beta guy literally drives her insane.
I have become more Alpha over the past year or so. It is difficult to see the changes in myself but very easy to see them in the women I relate to. They have become more sane and more pleasant. This is so striking that I do a quick 'Alpha check' upon myself whenever I have a bad encounter with a woman. I have always found that it was my own lack of Alpha that day that caused the trouble.
If western men ever get their Mojo back we shall know it because the mental health of women will improve. A colossal self help industry has grown up catering to the unhappiness of women without helping it a great deal. Most of these books, seminars and therapies will simply disappear because they will no longer be needed.
Some men will object to this post because they think it lets women off the hook over their own behaviours and blames Beta men. I understand this. Beta men get blamed for everything by women. I know this because I used to be one. Sometimes I still am.
There is a difference between BLAME and RESPONSIBILITY.
Are Beta men to be blamed for female behaviour towards them? No.
Are Beta men responsible for their own salvation? Hell yes! If we do not take responsibility then who will?


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