The 100, 500 and 2500 survival kits

�100 Survival Kit.
�100 will prep against the most likely cause of death in the home- fire. Buy a smoke detector and a fire extinguisher as well as a blanket for the kitchen.. When you come to replace your furniture, pay a little extra and make sure it does not produce toxic fumes in a blaze. Get a carbon monoxide tester too if you have gas in the home.
�500 Survival Kit.
This contains the previous kit plus about sixty Kilner jars. This may seem a great deal but they have multiple uses.
Firstly, they may be used for food storage. Use them for all of your survival rations (rice. flour and so on) but they also keep breakfast cereal fresh. Kilner jars are also useful for household organization. Sort oddments into categories until they can be processed properly.
Keep one jar for water. This is to allow you to make a cup of tea even when the mains have burst. The remainder of the budget should go on food. You now have six months rations!
�2500 Survival kit.
Now we are getting serious! Include the previous kit and also buy a 'bug out bag' containing a tent, a little food and other personal items in case you need to leave your home quickly. You should own some physical gold (sovereigns have some minor tax advantages in the UK) and should start making contact with other preppers. An outdoors survival course would also fall within this budget and you should have some safe refuge in mind.


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