A time to love a time to hate (the clock method)

There is, as the song goes, a time to love and a time to hate. In order to take what life has to offer us we must love life. When we love life we approach it with open arms and draw good things towards ourselves. Some people see this as a sort of magic (the law of attraction) but it is nothing of the sort. In reality lovers of life are more lucky than other people because they expect the best from others. This tends to bring out the best in people and also causes the lover of life to see opportunity when it is there.
There is also a time to hate.
There is a worm eating at the heart of western society and in the heart of many men. Political correctness expresses itself as discrimination against men and in self hatred. The trouble is that focusing upon this evil can cause us to miss opportunities when we see them. Many of the best jobs are government jobs- but we will never apply for them while we believe the state to be a feminist monolith. There must be a way to combine realism with a sunny disposition.
My own method is to use a clock. Between 7.00am and 11.00pm I have the personality of a Labrador puppy. I approach everyone as if they were my friend- even feminists. Most 'feminists' really have no idea what the word means. There are many feminists who believe it has something to do with equality and I give these women a chance to be their best selves.
From 11.00pm onwards I allow myself to be the realist. I read blogs such as this one about the various ways in which men are screwed. This is a sort of mental rehearsal for coming battles, but I always clear my mind the following morning so that I can be open to whatever the new day has for me.


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