A walk in the wild wild wood

Let us face it. A shiver of fear can be fun. This is why many of us watch Dr Who each week. If the monsters do not frighten us a little we are disappointed.
We see the same on the Internet. it is clear that many people actually enjoy the prospect of the world ending in 2012 as it pulls them from the dullness of their lives. Problems begin when paranoia enters politics. Most fear is simply a means for the powerful to control the gullible. The more fear there is in the world the more we look to a hero to save us. This results in us clamoring for politicians to take more power and money so that they might save us from this or than enemy (racists, food additives or the dreaded Patriarchy). The public would never allow themselves to be controlled in this way unless they were first scared by some political demon.
We are by nature fearful animals so we may as well CHOOSE our fears according to our own interests. The really interesting thing about political fear is that it comes in two basic varieties. First we have 'authoritarian' fears that are manufactured by the state. These are fears that naturally lead to greater state power and are basicaly projections of the fear every state has of its people. This includes most environmentalism which is the fear of self interested people. Feminism is an authoritarian fear of human nature. All authoritarian fear leads to greater state power. On occasion (war, plague) these fears are justified but generally they are not.
There is also a second group of fears and these are the 'libertarian' fears. These usually concern what the government is planning to do to the individual. Libertarian fears tend to reduce state power and give the individual more room to live. Survivalism is libertarian because it advocates a do it yourself approach. Survivalists are not looking for the state to tell them what to do and neither are Men Going Their Own Way. This means that both movements are pro freedom.
Authoritarian fear systems tend to have harmful effects upon a persons mental state. Feminists are often harmed by their own manufactured fears and come to feel like helpless victims. They do not try to deal with their own problems but demand the state do so for them. Libertarian fear systems tend to be far more beneficial because they involve the individual actually doing something about their own problems. A survivalist or a man going his own way has a plan for his own salvation. He does not sit around complaining that the state is not his mummy and his daddy and therefore is less prey to helplessness and depression.
The art is to channel paranoid energies and make them serve useful ends. All of my projects do the following..
a) They deal with real threats that can be dealt with. There is not point in worrying about global events that we cannot change.
b) They are social in the sense that your own survival will not be at the expense of others.
c) They are cheap.
MODULE 6 Concerns itself with political risk and speech codes. UNDER CONSTRUCTION
MODULE 7 Concerns itself with financial survival. UNDER CONSTRUCTION
MODULE 8 Concerns itself with urban survivalism. UNDER CONSTRUCTION
MODULE 9 Concerns itself with rural survivalism. UNDER CONSTRUCTION
MODULE 10 Concerns itself with psychological self defense. UNDER CONSTRUCTION


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