NLP for Business weekend

Last weekend I attended an NLP for business weekend with Toby and Kate McCartney who are both Master Trainers in the art. How to sum up the experience? Here are my impressions in no particular order.
1) The weekend was remarkably hype and hysteria free. One the things that I find tiresome about many NLP derivatives is that it seems to confuse manic hysteria with positivity. It is quite possible to maintain a positive outlook on life without waving ones arms about like a startled chicken or talking in the same way. In fact I find this sort of thing to be very tiring to watch and cannot imagine what it must be like to be in this state for any length of time.
2) There were no obvious attempts to hypnotise me into buying anything from them during the presentation (which is not to say there were more subtle attempts of course). The weekend itself was free on the understanding that they would pitch us on buying their certificated trainings during the weekend. They promised no arm twisting and kept to the promise. Toby and Kate also impressed me by keeping their claims for NLP within the bounds of reason. They demonstrated an addiction breaking patten by which a volunteer was taken on stage and asked to visualise someones vomit on her arm. This mental picture was then mixed with the image of her favorite cigarette brand until she became as revolted by the cigarettes as she was by the vomit.
3) Some people seem to be more prone to NLP than others. It was noticeable that the same woman was called to the stage on multiple occasions simply because her eye pattens were as NLP said they should be. Derren Brown (the T.V illusionist) uses this technique in his more spectacular T.V stunts. They are almost certainly real but the audience does not know that Derren selects only one out of a hundred people.
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