How to be a carbon neutral reactionary

Today it is possible to buy ethicaly sourced eggs, fairtrade coffiee and recyclable everything.
How about some ethical reaction? Why not?
1) Go to my sister site The Austerity Blog this describes ways to save money- which often involves saving electricity and so on.
2) Decide on your true values. There is a PR element to ethical living but most of it should come from your own innate values. There is no pleasure in living to the expectations of others.
3) How much time and money are you willing to invent in this project? Ideally you should be able to give about ten percent of your time and money to helping other people. This should be highly enjoyable. If you are not enjoying the process you are probably not in tune with your values.
4) It is completely reasonable to derive personal benefit from your tithe. In fact it is important that decency pays.
I will give you an example of some of my own projects to show you what I mean.
a) Invest in various energy efficient gadgets form the austerity blog (I love gadgets). This reduces my carbon footprint and also reduces the vulnerability of this country to energy blackmail.
b) Buy carpet for my flat. This will reduce annoyance to the people below and may also have energy benefits.
c) Replace my old fridge with an A+ rated unit. This will result in further savings. Ensure that the old unit is safely disposed of.


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