Clowns rule the world

What is the secret source of power and how may we profit from it?There are many ways to attain status and yet they all amount to the same thing- to express oneself in ways that would normally be ridiculed- and to get away with it.
An act of courage is always required.
This is Lady Ga Ga. Any average person who behaved as she does would possibly find themselves in a mental hospital but by getting away with these behaviours she proves herself a star.
We see the same thing in politics. Gadaffi demonstrated his power by acting as a buffoon but nobody dared laugh. This made it clear to all of his people that he was above the law and above judgement and therefore all powerful.
Boris Johnson, London Mayor and possible future PM is a talented clown and politically fireproof. He ridicules himself which means that his enemies have nothing to hurt him with.
Richard Branson makes it clear that he is sole captain of the Virgin Group by breaking corporate rules. Here we see him in war paint goosing a stewardess- behaviour that would get one sacked if he were not the boss.
My own love of the English Gentleman meme has similar motives. I wish to rebel against a culture that believes a man must be either weak or brutal. I yearn for a time (possibly imaginary) when men and women were not enemies and when good manners were the only restrictions on what may be said. I recognise that this risks ridicule- but this is the point. I must behave as a clown is I want the power that comes with it. If someone laughs at me then I must make the so afraid that they never do so again. Every time the see me they will know that they want to laugh but dare not. In this way I will make feminists and liberals feel powerless over and over and over again.


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