The future of Game

This is where I think the pick up industry is going.
1. Most of the major brands in the pick up industry are making far less money than they used to. The most financially savvy of them all, David DeAngelo has left the industry and become a business motivation guru. Style (who wrote the only mainstream book on the subject) now writes about other things. This is because most of what they offer can be freely downloaded off the Internet. Boot-camps can also be found locally at lower cost.
2. The industry has gone a complete circle and partially negated itself. It started out as a box of tools to trick women into bed and then discovered 'natural game' which rejects pick up lines and scripts. Most pick up gurus advise their followers to be their best selves. The trouble is that this logic abolishes the need for gurus in the longer term.
3. The industry has not developed a major new theory for about three years.
4. The emphasis still seems to be upon night clubs. This is odd because night clubs are badly suited to natural game (the current vogue) due to the short attention span of these women. We see more emphasis on day game but very little on social circle game. I predict that the future is in social circle game because this is best suited to the easygoing sociable and friendly persona most pick up gurus are urging their students to adopt.
5. There is a marked reduction in hero worship within the community.
6. I had expected some sort of feminist backlash and an attempt to associate seduction with rape. This has not occurred and this may be because the numbers of active pick up artists is very small. I would guess that less than fifty men in London go out four times a week and regularly approach girls. This probably equates to less than a thousand worldwide.
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