Day four and five

My objective today is to spend no more than �20 and to reduce my monthly overhead by �1 a month. This equates to approximately 60% return a year- a truly fantastic investment.
1. Bathtubs. My largest monthly bill is currently my electricity bill which is �30 a month and provides heat as well as power. Nevertheless I will try to reduce this further and hope to be paying �28 a month within twelve months.
Heat is far more expensive than light because it uses far more power- even if it is off peak power. The secret to making a quick saving is to discover the greatest uses of heat and then reduce them.
I probably use more heat in the bath than anywhere else. This is matched by my use in the kitchen (oven, washing up, ext ext).
How may I reduce hot water consumption in the bath? I will not cut down on my baths or reduce the quantity of water. Rather than do this will try to retain heat within the bath itself.
Few people look under their baths because this area is shielded by a plastic screen. If you remove this you will find a very chilly area due to a concrete floor below. This cold void beneath the bath leeches heat from the bath you are sitting in causing you to use more hot water than you otherwise would. The solution is to fill this void with insulating materials. Crumpled newspapers would do although I will use plastic carrier bags.
2. I will also use this area as productively as I can by purchasing some kilner jars. These are airtight and watertight and I will use them to store various toiletry items that I have bought in bulk. This will clear my living space of junk and have some limited insulation value of their own. Anything that prevents air from circulating prevents heat loss.


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