Two sides to the coin

The pick up artist lives a double life. One foot is in heaven and the other is in hell.
This is illustrated by the pick up theory model of male psychology.
Alpha (always gets the girl).
Beta (always pays the bills)
Omega (has a fast broadband connection. Invisible to women)
The Pick Up artist always alternates between the highest and lowest state. When he gets the girl he feels Alpha and when he does not he becomes an Omega. His problem is that he is not really in control of anything. He may have a hundred different systems but ultimately his state is dependent upon a woman's approval.
This is one reason Pick Up is addictive. The artist must always surpass his last triumph. If he fails he is relegated to Omegadom until he eventually succeeds. Every high contains the seed of the next low.
Pick up is a great hobby and a great route to self improvement. Unfortunately it is a lousy identity because it alows women to decide your worth as a human being. The PUA only feels successful when he is being laid and therefore relies upon others for his self worth.
This is why MGTOW can teach the community a great deal. MGTOW is all about forming brotherhoods and ways of defining men that are not dependent upon mainstream society or its limiting definitions. A man with this basic viewpoint can play the Game without becoming lost within it.
It is a hobby and that is all.


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