Motivation for 1 a day

Western culture is confused about motivation. Motivational speakers enthuse about goal setting- but what does this mean exactly? Why is it that one has to pump up desire for something that is supposed to be a central goal of life? Why is it that people find it so hard to want what they say they want?
In fact there is very little you can do to motivate yourself. If you cannot get out of bed in the morning you are probably doing the wrong job and should find a new one.
Having said this it IS possible to motivate oneself to adopt good habits. You can get up earlier, eat more healthily and so on if you reward yourself. These rewards do not need to be large- it is a way of recognising yourself and saying 'thank you'.
Tyler says something quite profound on his 'blueprint decoded' lectures. He says that the number one reason men fail at game is that they have not developed the habit of success. In other words they have never followed through with their promises to themselves in any area of life.
You could even say a depressive is someone who has stopped believing in their own promises.
The important thing is to develop the habit of success. This will build into an unstoppable momentum.
First decide which habits you would like to change. Start small. Remember what I said about depressed people- these are people filled with self hatred because they have broken their own promises. This means you should aim very low at first.
My own goal is simply to throw out more junk than I buy. This is relatively easy as I am a hoarder of junk but it is also a genuine discipline for the same reason.
So how does money come into it? I am spending slightly less that a pound a day to build up a supply of minor luxuries that I can use as a 'thank you' when I do well. What can a pound buy me? It could buy two snickers bars and then it would be gone.
Alternatively I could build up a supply of items that make a real difference to my life.
1) Easy cook rice rather than economy (99p a bag verses 73p).
2) Earl grey tea rather than TyPhoo.
3) Body shampoo rather than soap.
4) Side products from survivalism (chutney and lemonade).
5) High quality shirts and shoes.
6) High quality razor.
7) Cologne
The list of incentives will grow gradually longer as time goes on. As this happens I will also require more of myself in return.


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