Game or die

My regular readers will know that I am currently unemployed but working hard to change it.
Today I visited a local shopping complex (the second largest in Europe in fact). I have become used to the seedy and the desperate of late and I suffered culture shock simply to find myself surrounded by beautiful things and people.
The entire mega complex is a actually a temple for the worship of female bodies. Wherever I looked there were shops devoted to making women feel desirable. Gigantic posters of girls in push up bras and silk nighties hung from every wall. Everywhere I looked women were being massaged, plucked groomed and soothed by other, even more beautiful women. There was even a woman getting her eyebrows massaged!
I was the only man I could see. Where were the men (and the ugly women)? Working, I expect.
Why is it that only women have money to spend on themselves? Why is it that men cannot take a Friday afternoon off and spend it shopping with friends? It is because men have to pay the bills.
As I walked through the mall I was approached by perfumed lovely after perfumed lovely. Each of them had a leaflet for me to take and I did so. Would I have taken the leaflet if had been a man? Possibly not.
Sex, proved more powerful than reason and loyalty to my own sex.
Then it hit me. These women with the platinum credit cards and the carrier bags were not simply indulging themselves- they were investing in their futures. In the modern economy sex is everything. It determines your income, your popularity and your social status. The reason men have lost all of these things is that we have not invested where it matters.
It does not matter how good you are at your job.
It does not matter how honest you are or how hard working.
It does not matter what your qualifications are.
What matters is game. Game is the skill that trumps all other skills. This is because women now hold power. Women have taken over personnel functions in most large companies and they make up the bulk of the customers. Women have the money and the time to spend it.
Quite simply.. if you cannot make these women wet, you are a dead man in this economy.


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