How to be rich with no money

My pay is low and yet I resolve to spend �60 a month on myself. This is essential to my morale because my life consists of work and sleep and little else. I have mortgage arrears and so I can only spend this money I can make it almost pay for itself. I am determined not to eliminate pleasure from my life because I need something to help me through this grim time. If I do not have some pleasure I will probably not make it.
The great advantage of this philosophy is that it means anyone can afford a little luxury. There is no need to wait until all your problems are solved before you enjoy life. If you can make luxury almost pay for itself you can enjoy it without guilt. There are some situations where the premium option is also the cheapest.
I will give you examples from my own life. In the past I tried to save money by taking cheap and nasty pies to work. These were fattening and bad for me and were also not as cheap as they first seemed. On the other hand a foot long Sub of the day satisfies for a full twelve hours and actually works out cheaper. Other advantages include loyalty points and the time factor. When we take all of these factors into account the more expensive option (subway) becomes the cheaper.
Other apparent madness includes buying luxury food hampers in place of normal shopping. Hampers often come with airmiles or other loyalty points that can be exchanged for holidays or wine. A hamper a month saves half its own cost in reduced shopping and gives about five percent in points. They come in attractive boxes that are ideal for storage.
1. Find a good loyalty scheme.
2. Choose premium products when there is clear advantage to them.
3. Game the system and make sure your 'free' products are worthwhile.
If you do this you will find that your money goes far further than you might expect. Other people will assume you have a secret wealthy uncle or that you have recently won the lottery. This is because your approach to spending is quite different to that of an ordinary person.
Most people are blown around by every passing desire like leaves in a storm. This means that they buy things for the momentary rush that it gives them. The superior man is in control of his emotions. This is not to say that shopping is a joyless experience for him. One of the benefits of this approach is that it is possible to enjoy the premium shopping experience without guilt because he knows he is not being manipulated.


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