JuJu Mamma


The really interesting thing about self described submissive women is their personal power. Watch this video and feel the force of this woman's charisma. I feel quite sorry for her man the day she decides he is not doing a good job of controlling her!
This is quite funny. This woman has a mild and nerdy husband (who she has an open relationship with) who wrote a book called 'Tame your woman'. The irony is that he appears to have done this on her orders.
Actually I like this woman a great deal. I find her attractive and she talks sense. She is trying to free women from the need to be in control all the time but I do not think she has achieved this herself.
Here we go again. JuJu mamma is interviewed by another Alpha submissive in front of an audience of Alpha submissives. Both women drag their meek and 'dominant' husbands along as they rant on and on about submission. Beyond parody.


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