Survival kit

Survivalism is an insurance policy and a hobby. Let us be honest and admit that preparing for imaginary disasters is fun- I am not even sure why!
Many of us pay for insurance on our homes and our cars hoping never to claim on them. It is the same with survival preparations. I hope to buy the cheapest policy available and then not claim on it.
What can one buy for a pound a day? Quite a lot! It would be possible to be prepared against most likely eventualities within a year or so and to gain some useful side benefits.
I am starting small (these projects have already been covered in previous posts).
1) PERSONAL SURVIVAL KIT (�28 incomplete) This is a small survival kit that may be carried in a briefcase or in a glove compartment. It consists of a toiletry bag that now contains the following items.
A fisher space pen (this will not leak and will write on plastics and on wet surfaces).
A selection of maps and a compass.
Wind up torch.
First aid kit (inc condoms)
A five pound note.
Side benefits include the toiletries that came with the bag and the fact that I can always find a pen when I need one.
2) STORAGE OF DRY GOODS (�8.50 including rice). I wish to maintain approximately one months supply of food in my flat at any one time. This will be built up slowly and will probably save money in the longer term as rice is increasing in price quite rapidly.
To this end I have bought myself a kilner jar containing Fortnum and Mason chutney. I admit that this is a luxury but the main benefit is an airtight, fireproof, waterproof and rodent proof kilner jar that will contain more than a pound of rice and will fit into a sock drawer.
The chutney will last a month and I may also use the jars for water in any real emergency situation. I estimate that a pound of rice will keep me alive for at least a day and a kilner jar will contain about a pound and a half of rice.
3) WATER STORAGE. I have purchased four 1lt bottles of real lemonade from Aldi (69p each) these are the same size as wine bottles and fit easily in wine coolers. They may also be filled with water and frozen in a refrigerator as a refreshing and free alternative to ice cream.
Four litres of water will not go very far in a crisis but it is very useful when the water supply is interrupted for an hour or so. I hope that I will have the opportunity to fill the bath in a major incident.


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