The economics of toast

I have just treated myself to the most expensive toasted sandwich maker I could find- a Cuisinart unit costing �50.
Nevertheless I hope to make my money back in a year- or less.
1. Toasted sandwiches are a good way to use up fridge scraps- particularly things like carrots and onions that are cheap and healthy.
2. A toasted sandwich is made of the same things as an ordinary sandwich but tastes like junk food. It is a form of healthy eating by stealth.
3. It is important to eat a good breakfast if you leave the house at 5.30 in the morning. Cornflakes simply will not take you till lunch while a full English breakfast will kill you over time.
So far I am very pleased with it. It is built like a tank and has removable heating plates- which makes it one of the few hygenic sandwich makers around. Furthermore it comes with a five year guarantee and has a timer so that there is no need to stand over the machine while it is working for you.
My only regret is that I bought it in the wrong place. I would have done better to use Amazon which charges �43 rather than �50.


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