The Ghost Nation Diploma

The Ghost Nation Diploma has been much promised and much delayed. Nevertheless I am working on it when I can.
I am currently reviewing some audio and written materials for the diploma. One interesting treasure trove is iTunes U. This is a dedicated place within iTunes where universities post their lectures for all to download free of charge.
The Open University used to be famous for its TV broadcasts. These were famous for their bizarrely dressed and earnest lecturers. The usual OU garb was a white coat, national health glasses and facial hair. Unfortunately the OU has had something of a makeover and now offers some slick audio visual material free of charge through the iTunes software.
It is quite possible to download the iTunes software without purchacing an iTune player or any music.
I have so far completed the Buddhist Economics section that I believe was created as a result of a personal enthusiasm. It does not go into great depth but raises some interesting questions.


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