The Man Diet

I have been losing weight steadily over the last three months. It has not been spectacular (down from 103kg to 97kg) but it has been achieved without conscious diet or exercise. This means that it is sustainable for life.
The man diet has no calorie counting. This focuses the mind upon what it cannot have and makes one obsess on food. The aim is to make it easier to eat well than badly.
Recognise that you will eat any food that you have in the home, so eat the lot and do not replace the fattening stuff! Enjoy!
Cultivate helpful habits such as drinking green tea. This is not a miracle cure but it is good for you and once you have developed the taste you will drink it out of choice.
You are not yet into your diet so you may find your weight increases as you use up the fattening foods.
Improve your diet by degrees. The object is not just to cut calories but to eat better. Smoothies are actually quite high calories but they can reduce appetite over the longer term because they are so nourishing. Above all, enjoy what you eat. I now prefer an extra large smoothie to burger and fries.
Gradually introduce gentle exercise. You will not get a flat stomach without it. Be gentle with yourself.


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