This cut me to the core


All 'overnight' successes have a history of being successful in minor things prior to their major triumph. It may be that they also have a history of spectacular failure but you will also find some success there too.
What are we to make of this? We could easily give up if our personal history is one of plodding progress. I think we should look closer.
Success is simply a habit that grows over time. It is a matter of keeping ones promises to oneself.
The failure never completes anything. He becomes depressed and self hating because he never believes his own intentions. He tells himself to eat healthy food and half an hour later he is stuffing a kebab in his face. He writes long 'to do' lists without any faith in their completion.
Other people pick up on this lack of self belief and come to despise the failure without knowing why. He is never trusted because he can never make a definite stand.
The good news is that this is simply a bad habit. It is possible to develop will through practice. The point is that one should never stretch the will to breaking point because this leaves one weaker than before.
One reason the failure is so weak is that he believes that he is weak. How can one truly commit to completing a thing when one knows that one never completes anything? There will inevitably be an element of make believe from the start.
The solution is to build the habit of success from the ground up. Suppose one was always rushing to work and never has time for breakfast. The answer is to get up a little earlier. Resolving to do this and succeeding is a victory of sorts. Simply knowing that one has power over the minor details of life can do more good than a thousand affirmations.
I know that my readers are reacting to this in one of two ways. One group (the successful ones) cannot believe that anyone believes they have no control over what time they get up in the morning.
The second group says 'yes, I should rise earlier' but in their hearts know they will not.
Building this habit is the greatest skill any man could learn. Neither intelligence not hard work get us very far in life. I know this from personal experience- but now I am developing my will and beginning to see the fruit.
I am replacing my 'bucket list' on this site with far more active 'I am doing' and 'I have done' sections. Do you see the difference? One is a list of daydreams that may (or may not) come true. The other is a list of active projects. This is the difference between Alphas and Betas in pickup theory. There is no mystery why women prefer men who keep their promises and achieve things in life.
There are three main benefits to living in this way.
Ones mental state improves. In fact it is impossible to be truly active in life while remaining depressed. One also becomes more outgoing and social- and this lengthens life by about ten years.
One becomes rich- not all at once but by degrees and by struggle. This is not a problem because work becomes more enjoyable because it is something one chooses to do rather than having it forced upon us.
We becomes a source of good emotions to others. We feel good most of the time. We have many good friends and become sexually attractive to our chosen sex. We are respected and deferred to. The world is our oyster.


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